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Thursday, 27th January 2005 Velan will inaugurate XXL OUTSIZES. The group exhibition collects large size work by Thierry ALET, Alain BALZAC, Alberto CASTELLI, Hilary DYMOND, Thorsten KIRCHOFF, Paolo LEONARDO, Joost VAN HAAFTEN, Maurizio VETRUGNO. Thierry Alet works since some years on the themes of face, mask and smile. His canvases reveal monstrous faces with deformed smiles. Laughter is represented in the moment of an extreme tension between the rational and the unrestrained, while mouths become huge black holes transforming the face in grotesque caricatures of human expressions. He lives and works in New York. Alain Balzac creates paintings with a social and political connotation, with the aim of provoking the watcher and leading him to face the historical context belonging to him. He lives and works in Paris. Alberto Castelli dedicates his work to human figure by creating portraits of persons deprived by identity, probable figures of a glossy advertisement world, so that they become immaterial interesting figures. He lives and works in Turin. Hilary Dymond’s work belongs to the area of traditional painting. She creates mainly strongly evocative and materic landscape scenes. She lives and works in Clermont Ferrand, France. Thorsten Kirchoff reflects on movie history mainly using painting but sometimes also sculpture and installation. His works origin from quotations taken by a huge visual archive of themes and frames. He lives and works in Rome. Paolo Leonardo intervenes with acrylic colours on advertisement posters, changing the facial expressions of cool and beautiful models using a neo-expressionist touch. He lives and works in Turin. Joost Van Haaften creates large canvases portraying details taken from everyday life, coming out with their chromatic strength. He lives and works in Amsterdam. Maurizio Vetrugno started in the half of the Eighties a painterly research near to graffiti and post pop, in the following decade he dedicated himself to a more conceptual and object oriented research. He lives and works between Sant’Antonino di Susa (TO), New York and Bali. 



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