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Nick WAPLINGTON - Learn how to die the easy way (2002)

curated by Carlo Mc Cormick


Friday 25th october 2002 Velan will present Learn how to die the easy way, a solo exhibition by the English photographer Nick WAPLINGTON (London, UK, 1965). The work of the artist develops around the reflection on the media power of internet. Psychological effects and the possible consequences it may have upon art and society are some of the main themes explored. Waplington exhibited some of his famous home pages.

Nick Waplington is a British photographer who transforms mundane subjects into arresting images well-worth a double-take. His first book, Living Room (Aperture, 1991), featured an introduction by the legendary Richard Avedon and quickly propelled Waplington to icon status. He has since exhibited all over the world. But to us, Waplington is more like a family member -- he's been contributing to PAPER Magazine since our interns were in diapers. You can catch his off-the-cuff photographs of our charming, crumbling office in every issue. Needless to say, we've been admiring his work for a long time. So we are thrilled about his new solo show at Roebling Hall: "Sit Up Straight, Eat from the Plate, Vegetables Meat, Pudding for a Treat." The exhibit contains works from Waplington's latest book, You Love Life (Trolley Books). We are equally pleased as peaches to present his photographs as part of PAPERMAG's Portfolio series (boy, that's a lot of Ps!). - I was on a holiday and I went to the beach early one morning for a walk, and found these people shagging on the rock - Waplington says, explaining to us the story behind one of the pieces. It's hard to resist a Brit who says the word 'shagging', is it not?


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