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Nicholas HOWEY - New Paintings (2002)

Friday 15th March 2002 Velan  will present New Paintings, a solo exhibition by Nicholas Howey (Dubois, Pennsylvania, USA, 1948). The works by Howey describe the essence of the spatial proportion using a mark system echoing abstract art. The supports painted by the artist contain a tension that rhythmically animate the space of the canvas. The gestures or the coloured areas are to be considered in the context of their former uses. Howey demonstrates that the elusive elements of abstract art begin to stabilize, starting to assume a sphere of meaning which is now socially accepted. 

Nicholas Howey graduated at University of Pittsburgh, USA. He traveled to Belgrade for first solo exhibition in 1982 at the American Center. From 1982-83 he worked on the productions of Robert Whitman's performance works at the Dia Foundation. In 1986, Robert Rauschenberg curated an exhibition of his paintings at Edison Community College in Florida. His paintings appeared on two covers of the Italian art magazine Tema Celeste in 1991 (International Edition) and in 1992 (Italian Edition). At his first photography exhibition in 2000, Fred Schneider of the B-52's along with the composer Pat Irwin created a soundtrack to accompany the work.





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