Ingar KRAUSS Artist in Residence


Ingar Krauss Artist in Residence. San Salvario, Turin September 23rd - October 7th 2012


Ingar Krauss was born in Berlin Est in 1965. His study focuses on the reflection of the human condition. This is how the artist talks about the work - Usually, I let myself be guided by intuition when I prepare portraits. I select persons who impress me, who I find ‘unique' in some way. They are normal persons, everyday persons, their singular and unique aspect is in being themselves. My portraits investigate the biography of these persons, the circumstances and the mystery of their existence. Photography is at one and the same time a document and a vision. I try to establish a secret understanding with the person in front of me in the portrait's unique moment, without any form of language, with the intention of creating an authentic moment involving strong intensity and concentration.

We would like to thank for the collaboration Lia Cecchin, Guglielmo Giachino, Alessia Maiuri, Marco Strappato. Ingar Krauss in Italy is rapresented by Suzy Shammah, Milan.


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