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FIAT LUX! Luminous Works (2010)

Tuesday 30th march 2010 Velan will inaugurate FIAT LUX! Luminous Works by Ennio BERTRAND, Sergio CASCAVILLA, Steven CLAYDON, Fabrizio CORNELI, Matthew McCASLIN, Nelio SONEGO, VEDOVAMAZZEI. Ennio Bertrand lives in Turin and works using digital images and technologies in his creations. He creates photos, sculptures, light compositions, sound, videos, interactive installations. They show very small events isolated from the information and images fluxes which fill our perception and enlarges them as if under the lens of laboratory microscope. In exhibition ‘Digital Sky’ a  precious velvet tissue quilted with little led lights which illuminate with minimal rhythms. Sergio Cascavilla, born in Turin in 1966, took part to many group and solo exhibitions in Italy, Europe and America. The artist works also in the design field for Alessi and Atelier Mendini  and as an illustrator for publishing houses, art reviews and special projects. Steven Claydon, born in London in 1969 is artist and musician. The main purpose of Steven Claydon is to subvert the rules of visual perception by recreating environments by using common objects often taken from ancient art world. Claydon builds a provoking present. Every element looses significance in his settings as far as functionality is concerned (a shoe is no more a shoe and an ancient bust looses its celebrating function) and in reference to the material used to create them. ‘Sun’ is the title of the exhibited work. Fabrizio Corneli, born in 1958 in Florence, where he lives and works, is an unrepentant mathematician who applies the Euclidean geometry to art. He cuts steel or copper sheets following precise trigonometry. ‘Angel’ by Fabrizio Corneli comes from a visual triangle which pones at the vertex light, the artist and our own glance. Matthew McCaslin was born in 1957 in Bayshore, New York and lives and works in Brooklyn. In his work he generally combines building material and consumer electronic to evoke chaos and disorder, formalism and minimalism. The artist is known worldwide for his videos and light sculptures. His distinguished visual language made up by industrial materials, combines elegance and formality to roughness and spontaneity. McCaslin uses television sets, clocks, lamps, fans, sockets, wires and pins in his sculpture. ‘My Kid could do that’ is the title of the exhibited work. Nelio Sonego, born in Sion Switzerland in 1955 lives and works in Cordignano. Sonego’s works are composed by few primary geometric elements and can be defined rational, because his painting is created delimiting and defining itself inside a space, the working table, but as well with gesture because with his marks-colours the artist expresses his emotions and proposes a inner vision which comes from his life and experiences. In this exhibition he will present ‘Orizzontalverticale’ and ‘Rettangolareorizzontale’, but this time instead of paint brush and spray he used neon lights. VEDOVAMAZZEI is the pseudonym adopted by Stella Scala and Simeone Crispino since 1991. Their work is based upon the use of different visual media such as video, environmental installation, object sculpture, photography, vegetal manipulation and intervention over other natural elements. Their insistence is devoted to the necessity of looking beyond appearance, observing the iconographic image of the objects and their symbolic meaning. The absurd side of the works invites us to reflect about rigidity of conventions. In this exhibition a Telephone Number created with white neon light. We thank Region Piedmont for the contribution. The exhibition will remain open from 30th March to 17th May 2010 with the following opening hours: from Tuesday to Friday from 5.30 PM to 6.30 PM.



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