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curated by Alessandro Trabucco


Thursday, 30th September 2010 Velan will open VERSUS XVI, curated by Alessandro Trabucco, with five artists, each one of them uses a different artistic language, even though they explore the same themes. Identity is the theme which links all their works. Francesca ARRI is a young artist from Piedmont, with her installation inspired by Oscar Wilde’s comedy ‘The importance of being Ernst’, she reflects about how our own name responds to the image other people perceive of us. Carmine Mauro DAPRILE, a photographer, presents the photos of three cosplayers, characters he found in the strips & games fairs and which he portraits in their own natural environment, exploring thus the struggle of identification with a virtual model. Giovanna FEOLA reflects about the idea of sense of guilt and how this remains impressed in our memory leaving an unpleasant sense of embarrass. Feola presents a carefully studied video, a TV sale where a kit is sold capable of temporarily cancel one’s own history and identity and in consequence, the sense of guilt. Marco PORTA presents a sculpture where his research of balance between the aesthetic aspect and logic thought creates a serene and rapt atmosphere. Michael ROTONDI presents an installation and a drawing, images from the world we live in, personal memories of the artist and his interest in music an communication but also representation of the collective unconscious with visual codes readable by everyone. We thank Region Piedmont for the contribution. The exhibition will remain open from the 30th September to 22nd October 2010 in the following opening hours: from Tuesday to Friday from 05.30 pm to 06.30 pm.


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