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Ramon ROIG - Sebastian Beijing (2011)

Tuesday 7th June Velan presents an exhibition by Ramon ROIG (Orpesa, Spain, 1963). Here the artist, by using video and photo collage, reflects upon the identity and hyper codification of man in our time. Sebastian Beijing is a contemporary revisiting of the San Sebastian myth reincarnated in an Asian character living in Beijing, the setting of the action. The protagonist undergoes a metamorphosis which is parallel to the transformation of the environment, moving in the dialectic debate which represents the wild westernization of his own culture and of himself, in reference to his main rampart: his own cultural roots and his peculiar artistic inclination. It is a panoramic over a character in an ever changing world. The entrepreneurial organization where he works in solitude, together with the pressing from the components of his working group in the high financial and real estate fields are the elements which will lead him to a catharsis. He feels to be like a mercenary in the tyrannical system he helps to consolidate and from which his own survival depends. His ethic and aesthetic attitude will put him in contrast with his daily situation. His metamorphosis will culminate in that kind of rebellion which personifies. The tools with which he comes to rebellion and achieves individual freedom are his passion for archery, a peculiar critical reflection around the iconography of the martyr San Sebastian and the particular methods and strategies he uses to free himself by means of a ritual and occulted artistic activity, he maintains in parallel to his professional activity. This artistic hidden activity and his ethic attitude become more and more intense in his life and finally arrive at the possession of the conscious reality of the character until this fact comes to represent a clearly opposed and confronted attitude against the pretensions of the high spheres. Finally, Sabastian  passes the judgement to his martyrdom. Ramon Roig graduated in Fine Art at Facultat de Belles Arts Sant Jordi (Universitat de Barcelona). He lives and works in Barcelona (Spain) and Beijing (China). We thank Region Piedmont for the contribution.


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