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LABORATORIO SACCARDI – The first happiness day (2009)

curated by Laura Barreca


Tuesday 19th May 2009 the new solo exhibition by LABORATORIO SACCARDI, curated by Laura Barreca, in cooperation with Antonio Colombo Contemporary Art, Milan, will be inaugurated in the Velan rooms, via Modena 52. The Milan and the Turin exhibitions belong to a single project and collect the works produced in the last two years by the group from Palermo. The project includes two groups of works: a group of 150 drawings on paper (Black Silk Stocking / part one, 2007-2009) and a group of middle and large size paintings The drawings, created with pen, watercolour and collage on paper, exhibited at Velan, Turin, represent themes connected to exoteric, tracing a map of more or less cultured references to art history, but also to crime news and astrology. This work derives from a research about some historical persons and places of magic science. Among the most significant references in this patrol, the famous British occultist Aleister Crowley, who lived between the end of the Nineteenth Century and the beginning of the Twentieth Century in the Abbey of Thelema in Cefalù, a figure who fascinated many contemporary musicians such as David Bowie and Ozzy Osbourne  and famous for his theories and magical practices.

Laboratorio Saccardi is composed by: Marco Barone (Palermo, 1978), Giuseppe Borgia (Palermo, 1978), Vincenzo Profeta (Palermo 1977) Tothi Folisi (Sant’Agata Militello, Me, 1979). The artists live and work in Palermo. We thank Region Piedmont for the contribution. The exhibition will remain open from May 19th  to June 26th  2009 in the following opening hours: from Tuesday to Friday from 04.00 PM to 07.00 PM.




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