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Carlo BERNARDINI – Space Code (2009)

Thursday, 16th April 2009 Codice Spaziale (Space code), the second solo exhibition by Carlo BERNARDINI (Viterbo, 1966), will be inaugurated at Velan Centre, via Modena 52, Turin. For this occasion the artist created an optic fibres and electroluminescent surfaces installation. The materials used by Carlo Bernardini in his large installation represent the presence of a mark and at the same time its virtual aspect, a presence which is more evident the more its support is invisible, and more physical, the more it is immaterial. The light creates a drawing in space, a drawing which changes according to the point of view and the movements of the visitor, who ‘lives’ inside the work of art. The optical fibre experimental installations created by the artist, change the perception by modifying the visual coordinates of the real ambience; they can be observed as triangular or rhombus shaped forms, typical example of a free expressionism of the space: Bernardini creates light lines in the dark room as if he was drawing on a black paper. The artist’s attention is turned to the dialectic relationship between the line and the monochrome, as different moments of the space-light representation concept. His visual research is centred now on the idea  of the perceptive transformation of space by means of works suspended between the sculpture an the installation dimensions. The ambient installations create a mental architectonic light space, incorporeal yet visible, totally changing the function and the structure of the real ambient.

Carlo Bernardini lives and works in Milan and teaches Multimedia Installation at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan. In 1997 he published the theoretic essay about the Division of visual unity, edited by Stampa Alternativa. He won twice in 2000 and in 2005 the “Overseas Grantee” price of the Pollock Krasner Foundation in New York and, in 2002, the Targetti Art Light Collection White Sculpture prize. He is operating with optic  fibre since 1996.  We thank Region Piedmont for the contribution. The exhibition will remain open from April 16th to May 12th  2009 in the following opening hours: from Tuesday to Friday from 04.00 PM to 07.00 PM.


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