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curated by Francesca Referza


Tuesday, 25th September 2008, the group exhibition VERSUS XIV, curated by Francesca Referza, will be inaugurated at Velan, via Modena 52, with works by: Simone BERGANTINI, Gianluca CAPOZZI, Barbara DEPONTI, Francesca DE RUBEIS, Piotr HANZELEWICZ, Antonio LA  GROTTA, Jacopo MILIANI, Cristiana PALANDRI, Daniela PEREGO. The Fourteenth edition of VERSUS confirms the intention of confronting young artists coming from different countries. The chosen works range among different artistic techniques, from photography to painting, from installation to video. In the second Versus edition curated by me – writes Francesca Referza in the catalogue text – I intended to stress the nature of the format, at it’s Fourteenth edition, as a distance dialogue land for young artists operating with different expressive modalities and however somehow comparable. Agreed the fact that Versus doesn’t require a thematic key, apart from, as the title says, the contraposition of the different artistic individualities, I felt obliged to invite artists belonging to a geography of Italy, the more adherent possible to the present artistic situation, more and more non-localized; so Turin, Milan, Rome but also Florence, L’Aquila, Pescara and Avellino. The result is in the name of a non-rigorous black and white, binding together the different works of the nine artists in the exhibition. Painting, sculpture, photography, video and installation meet and are put in comparison, but do not collide, like in a reflecting mirror game, effect emphasized by the fact that all the works are collected in a single room.


The artists:

Simone Bergantini, (Velletri (RM), 1977). Lives and works between Milan and Rome
Gianluca Capozzi, (Avellino, 1973). Lives and works in Aiello del Sabato (AV)
Barbara DePonti, (Magenta (Mi), 1975). Lives and works in Milan
Francesca De Rubeis, (Ortona (CH), 1978). Lives and works in Pescara
Piotr Hanzelewicz, (Lodz (Poland), 1978). Lives and works in L'Aquila
Antonio La Grotta, (Turin, 1971). Lives and works in Turin
Jacopo Miliani, (Florence, 1979). Lives and works in Milan
Cristiana Palandri, (Florence, 1977). Lives and works in Florence
Daniela Perego, (Florence, 1961). Lives and works in Rome.

We thank for the contributions: Region Piedmont, RAS Insurances, Pinerolo. With the cooperation of TAG – Turin art galleries. The exhibition will remain open from September 25th to October 24th 2008 in the following opening hours: from Tuesday to Friday from 04.00 PM to 07.00 PM.



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