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VIDEO DIALOGUES 2007 art video festival and artist videos (2008)

curated by Willy Darko and Olga Gambari


During the event Video Dia Loghi Velan will present the works by the artists Marco BARONCELLI, Barbara BRUGOLA and Nordine SAJOT, curated by Willy Darko and Olga Gambary. In tune with the mood of the show the video installations are presented without a common theme, mixing together different languages with the purpose of showing the different ways of using video nowadays.

 Marco Baroncelli. Franco Vaccai in his book ‘L’inconscio tecnologico’ (the technologic unconscious) asserts that - beside the unconscious of the photographer we have a technologic unconscious, that is to say that gap of uncontrolled reaction of the camera, something which is prompt to register everything the camera catches, even without the photographer’s knowledge. This theory is the fundament of all my work -. Barbara Brugola produces few very tidy works, showing her sense of art, but even more, we dare to say, her sense of life. Barbara Brugola’s videos are slow, suspended, they seem to be dreamy as if the artist had created then to dream again the same dream. Little static scenes or just slightly moved, slow camera motion, a touch of montage, but almost imperceptible: there is a narration, but all allusions and elisions. At the centre always the feminine figure: on one side her body, on the other space (Elio Grazioli). Nordine Sajot presents an installation composed by a sculpture table and a video-projection in loop. ‘Tavolo proteso con video’ (2002) occupies a cubic metre of space: the same measure of the water consumption, the measure of many consumer items. The installation collocates itself between art and design and connects a narrative visual horizon to a symbolic object. This work is part of a reflection which explores social relationships and our consumption and diet habits. In the video the protagonist, seated in front of the sea horizon, constantly changes her visual panorama till the last overturning while the sound of a falling drop ends in the sea. Nowadays, more and more TV is becoming part of our meals. This socio-cultural moment makes the identities of many nations individual and at the same time digests audiovisual communication.

The exhibition will remain open from 8th to 31st January with the following opening hours: from Tuesday to Friday from 04.00 pm to 07.00 pm. Image caption: Nordine Sajot, Physical culture, 2005


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