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curated by Francesca Referza


Thursday, 15th November the exhibition VERSUS XIII curated by Francesca Referza with works by Mario BOSCHIS, Valentino DIEGO, Matteo FATO, Chiara GUARDUCCI, Paolo MEONI, will open in the Velan rooms, via Modena 52. At its thirteenth edition, Versus confirms the purpose of confronting young artists coming from different places. The chosen works present different artistic techniques, from photography to painting to installation and video, put side by side without prearranged connexions, as the manifestation of some among the most different aspects in the contemporary artistic research.

Mario Boschis, from Turin, uses the acrylic on canvas to represent and explore feminine body which becomes, as asserted by the curator of the text in the catalogue, - a territory where the solitude and the sense of isolation inborn in human beings find a point of convergence. - Valentino Diego, artist from Rome, presents ‘Senza Titolo (Borgo Rossini)’ an installation which he created expressly for the Velan gallery: using ropes at a distance of five centimetres from the floor, he traces the urban topography of the city district where the gallery is located. Matteo Fato, from Pescara, in his three works ‘Senza Titolo’ (Untitled) develops his artistic research around the analysis of insects’ bodies using china ink and tracing essential traits representing, not in a realistic or scientific way, the little organisms. The four photographs by Florentine artist Chiara Guarducci, chosen by the curator, represent fragments from everyday life we often do not notice at all and which try to lead us in a magic and enigmatic dimension evoking magic rituals. The artist from Prato, Paolo Meoni, in Unbend, a video installation composed by three monitors, proposes a reflection about suburb architecture and industrial landscape creating an effect of estrangement and disorientation by using the fragmentation of the filmic image.

The artists:

Mario Boschis, (Turin, 1953) lives and works in Turin
Valentino Diego, (Cirie`, Turin 1978) lives and works in Rome
Matteo Fato, (Pescara, 1979) lives and works in Pescara
Chiara Guarducci, (Florence, 1973) lives and works in Florence
Paolo Meoni, (Prato,  1967) lives and works in Prato

We thank Region Piedmont, RAS Insurances – Pinerolo for their contribution. The exhibition will remain open from 15th November to the 14th December 2007 with the following opening hours: from Tuesday to Friday from 04.00 PM to 07.00 PM.


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