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VERSUS XI (2005)

curated by Lorena Tadorni

Saturday, 24th September 2005 Velan will open VERSUS XI, curated by Lorena Tadorni at the Imbincheria del Vairo in Chieri, with works by Felipe AGUILA, Elena BIRINGHELLI, Rita CASDIA, Fabio FRANCHINO, Francesca GAGLIARDI, Flaminia MANTEGAZZA, Carina RANDLOV, Irene ROSSI, SOFTLY.KICKING, son:DA. With Versus we renew our engagement in the promotion of young artists by proposing some of the most interesting figures of the recent art scene, coming from different regions and operating in different contexts. We choose works touching various artistic techniques, from photography to painting, from Installations, videos, new media and match them without predestined connections as the manifestations of some among the different aspects of the most recent artistic research.

Felipe Aguila (Santiago Chile, 1977) with his video Latro Sum, proposes a reflection on the idea of public and private by filming himself in the act of stealing money from the counter of the club where he works. Elena Biringhelli (Milan, 1975) challenges the objectivity of the photographic media by intervening directly on the photographs which she packs in boxes for storing.Rita Casdia (Barcellona pozzo di Gotto, Messina, 1977) proposes a reflection about maternity and the feminine universe with the cartoon Mammina. Fabio Franchino’s research (Turin, 1974) involves the processes of Generative Art by creating images showing a great formal fascination, using a particular kind software. Francesca Gagliardi (Novara, 1972) transforms every exhibition room in her wardrobe by exhibiting paintings and sculptures portraying her clothes. The materic canvases by Flaminia Mantegazza (Rio de Janeiro, 1955) retrace a visual informal tradition by exploring the expressive qualities of newspapers. Carina Randlòv (Copenhagen, 1975), combines drawing and collage and creates works letting emerge a certain sense of visual alienation made up by urban solitudes. Irene Rossi (Biella, 1975) reuses a process traditionally connected with the feminine condition by creating little sculpture houses with beads, sequins and cloths. The group from Turin Softly Kicking works with interaction by creating a multimedia installation allowing the public to become the central element of the art work. Son:DA from Slovenia (Metka Golec, Maribor, Slovenia, 1972; Horvat Miha, Maribor, Slovenia, 1976),  in their computer-mouse-drawings portray the fetishes of post-industrial era where humanoids populate a cabled universe. Media partners of the event: DROME magazine, contemporary arts and culture quarterly very transversal and international. Published by Phlegmatics, it can be found in the main book shops and newspaper shops in Milan, Bologna, Venice, Turin, Florence and Rome, as well as in concept stores, galleries, museum, music shops, art fairs and bookshops abroad. Info: 



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