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PinkLoveBlackLove (2005)

curated by Karin Gavassa and Lorena Tadorni


Thursday, 26th May 2005 Velan will inaugurate PinkLoveBlackLove, curated by Karin Gavassa and Lorena Tadorni, with works by Mara AGHEM, SWEETY e CIKITA Z. PinkLoveBlackLove quotes the obsessive refrain by Blonde Redhead, playing with the pop culture world and its icons. A very coloured fluorescent universe, clubbing atmospheres and quick images created with skilful samplings of reality. The exhibition presents the work by three young female artists, where everyday experience becomes the inexhaustible source of visual stuff, to be mixed by using refined cartoons traits in a feminine world, animated by a strong emotionality and vitality exploding in the canvases, in vjsets, in fashion. This kind of art takes its source in the unceasing flux of culture history, reusing and recycling pre-existent forms in an endless play.

Mara Aghem (Turin, 1977) creates large canvases describing unreal worlds, like oversized cartoons,  building a - bridge between what is real and what is not real-. In her work she experiments different techniques mixing experimental theatre, contemporary narrative and trash culture. Sweety – Barbara Cucchierati (Moncalieri, Turin, 1977) and Giovanna Ricca (Pinerolo, Torino, 1979) play with the iconographies of western consumerism. In their video installations the images of pin up girls mix up with the icons of popular tradition creating a visual system of ironic echoes of mass-media culture. Cikita Z. (Nadia Francesca Zanellato, Turin, 1974) works basically using acrylic on canvas with fluorescent strong colours, acid and bright tonalities giving life to a scenery full of attractive images, expression of pure fun. Mixing elements of reality she proposes new narrative itineraries inside the cultural ecosystem. The cover image of the exhibition has been created by the Spanish artist Belen Cerezo (Vitoria, Spain, 1997) interpreting the theme with more intimate traits, looking at the world from inside. We thank: Regione Piemonte, TNT Global Express, NIKON Italy, YASHIKA Italy, RAS Insurances, Pinerolo for their contribution. The exhibition will remain open from 27th May to 15th July 2005 from Tuesday to Friday from 4.00 PM to 7.00 PM. Monday and Saturday by appointment.


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