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Steve GIOVINCO - Ambient Life (2005)

Friday, 18th March 2005 Velan will inaugurate Ambient Life, a solo exhibition by Steve GIOVINCO (Tarrytown, New York, USA, 1961). The artist takes photographs of the natural light, in particular in winter nights, when details melt and images are faintly visible. His point of view starts from the precariousness of vision and he keeps moving  by intuition, without clearly perceiving what will appear. In this way he creates strongly  evocative portraits and landscapes, rich in literary, painterly and cinematic fascination. Suspended between realism and metaphor Steve Giovinco takes pictures from a less evident aspect of everyday life leading us in a dreamy dimension, enigmatic and mysterious.

To this American artist the use of a digital media is more important from a conceptual than from a formal point of view. The idea of looking at the image through the little screen of the camera, the choice of keeping or deleting it, the possibility to go back and examine all the shots, is a process so much closer to video making than to traditional photography. In this way Steve Giovinco emphasizes the narrative quality of his work, operating along the border between fiction and documentary. Steve Giovinco lives and works in New York. Among his main solo exhibitions: 2003: University of the Art (Philadelphia); 2002: Butler Institute of Art (Youngstow, Ohio); 2001: California Museum of Photography (Riverside, California); Fotogalerie Wien (Vienna, Austria); 1995: University of California (Berkeley Extension, San Francisco); 1994: Dru Arstark Gallery (New York).


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