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deLIGHTed - luminous works (2004)

Thursday, October 29th  2004 Velan will present deLIGHTed – luminous works, group exhibitions presenting works by national and international artists who worked with light. Exhibited works by: Ian ANULL, Paolo BRENZINI, Ed HERMAN, John KALYMNIOS, Shu-Min LIN, Matthew McCASLIN, Irina NOVARESE, Franc PALAIA, Mario RIZZI, Vittorio VALENTE.

Ian Anùll has been working for some years to the series STYLE. Some photographs taken during his travels around the world where the images of  the details of the places are always accompanied by an anonymous sign, a luminous panel: the word ‘style’ in the local language. Paolo Brenzini creates impalpable works of poetic lightness, dominated more by absence than by presence. Ed Herman proposes light boxes analyzing with irony the aspects of power. John Kalymnios creates kinetic sculptures often depicting manipulations of natural details, where illumination contributes to create an hypnotic spatial illusion. Shu-Min Lin creates video-installations in which the real object is substituted by holograms which do not aim to faithfully recreate the image, but, on the contrary tend to create a new one with an independent value of his own. Matthew McCaslin creates luminous sculptures with a strong physical strength and at the same time with intense poetry using industrial electric material. Irina Novarese photographs details of urban architectures. The images, often printed on acetates, are reassembled in modular compositions recomposing the pieces of a metropolitan mosaic. Fran Palaia has been working for about ten years to ‘illuminated photo-sculptures” with the principal subject of bridges and urban viaducts. Mario Rizzi analyzes micro-social aspects using videos and luminous installations, characterised by a constant attention to the aesthetic impact of the images. Vittorio Valente proposes luminous silicon works inspired by the biology world and although they have the structure of the cells of our organism, they appear playful and charming. We thank Region Piedmont, TNT Global Express, NIKON Italy, YASHIKA Italy, RAS Insurances, Pierolo, for their contribution.




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