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Loris CECCHINI/Sabrina TORELLI - We create nothing, we destroy nothing, everything transforms itself (2011)

curated by Francesca Referza


Wednesday 26th January 2011 Velan will inaugurate the second event Garage 42, curated by Francesca Referza, with Loris CECCHINI (Milan, 1969) and Sabrina TORELLI (Reggio Emilia, 1966). Garage 42 is a format created for the new rooms of Velan Contemporary Art Center in Turin. Moved to via Saluzzo, Velan Center with the event Garage42 proposes two artists whose works show some assonances and references underlined by the fact of  being shown side by side in the gallery space. The format intends to put in evidence the idea of a shared space, not only in physical but above all in a mental way. A contamination of languages, encouraged in the planning phase by a strong dialogue among the two artists and the curator. After the first garage42, with Davide Bertocchi and T-yong Chung for the second event – explains the curator – I invited the artists Loris Cecchini (Milan, 1969) and Sabrina Torelli (Reggio Emilia, 1966). The contact point of the exhibition seems to be the fruit of a momentary coincidence in the itineraries of the two artists, in general very different but, nevertheless, at a second glance the reflections by Loris Cecchini and those by Sabrina Torelli share a common point of view.

The work by Loris Cecchini (Milan, 1969) is characterized by the use of materials such as polyurethane resins, PETG, PTFE, prismatic film, PVC, polystyrene and polyethylene, transparent polycarbonate, Perspex and similar. By using, side by side with more traditional media like drawing, ink or tempera painting, steel and aluminium, new materials with a great plastic versatility, Cecchini achieves a new aesthetic of fluidity permeating reality in a capillary and at the same time natural way, as an effect of an aesthetic – functional metamorphosis slowly but inexorably involving everything. Sculpture, in Cecchini’s version, bends, becomes light, dilates and expands itself and becomes fluid to mix with nature, architecture and with the surrounding space. Sabrina Torelli’s work (Reggio Emilia, 1966) is dedicated to the performance and interactivity aspects between the mind, the body and the environment, she achieves her purpose by using an ample spectre of media and expressive tools. She takes on her research in side areas, collecting elements of a minimal sensorial perception through actions which create new points of observation. One of the recurrent themes of her work has always been the connection between science and anthropology. The artist looks now at the sacred science and at alchemy, the slow processes which underlay the elevation of human conscience by means of the fluxes of the soul, in order to renew the reunion between man and the spirit. In a technological era such as this, the artists find less and less time for spirituality. The artist pointed out about her work – the themes of my research are about the definition of borders, of all those border territories that change constantly like quicksand. (…) I’m interested in cross-ways, the connections of all those relationships between emotions and fears which germinate hybrid systems of relationship with the other. In the end my work is a large tissue, a melting pot of knowledge, a map of  connections between the inner and the outer side of man. I like to find out intersection points: how things germinate one from the other and which are their invisible connections -



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